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Belonging from a family that spent most of its early lifespan at a well-developed city of Mussoorie. Spending most of our days under the shadow of Vedas and Vedic culture, influenced by our cultural values and traditions and under the extra ordinary parental Guidance of Mr. Kameshwar Nath Chaturvedi and Late Mrs. Suman Chaturvedi (EX- Member of Parliament). Visiting our native village frequently, we got motivated towards developing the rural area to such the extent where living in villages could be considered acceptable and beneficial. Bringing cultural as well technological reforms to our village (Pura Kanehra, Tehsil Bah, District Agra, Uttar Pradesh) and developing it as a model village for others and taking this endeavour to National level.

We shifted our base to our village in 2005 and started social reforms and educational activities in our village. We decided to take it to a superficial level and founded an NGO that completely focuses on the development according to Vedic Norms and traditions. Dated 14/7/11 on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima we developed as a Nyasa and registered it at registrar office Tehsil Bah under the leadership of Founder Mr. Vishal Chaturvedi.

Abhimantra means filled with Mantras, based on Arya and Vedic culture, which is Dynamic, Prestigious and main components of Gurukul Shiksha Padhyati, adding all the essential features from Modern day education, we have created a perfect blend of these two and named it ‘Neo-Vedic Pattern’.

Our works include diversified sections of daily living like Agriculture, Rural Development, Human Resource Development, Revitalizing the already spoiled cultural superstitions by educating rural Population the Vedic Norms as well as Scientific developments. Medical benefits to the rural population by Homa-Therapy, which means providing them knowledge of benefits of Hawan and its medicinal properties and effects on Environment, Agriculture and other essential pillars of life.

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