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Farming is the occupation in India, which is considered as the backbone occupation of our country. And if it done in the most precise manner it could give the best results which could not be imagined. Homa-Farming, is made up of two words “Homa” meaning ‘Hawan’ and Farming. It is a technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying of the atmosphere with fire as the medium.However, it also have many scientifically proven benefits. It is performed two times in a day on the fields. The period is called ‘Transition Period’ of the day. After performing this ritual, atmosphere around field changes and is purified. There are many benefits of Homa-Farming including yielding more, increased growth, organic product etc. Moreover, the ash left after performing ‘Hawan’ could be used as fertilizer. Hence, Homa-Farming could be considered as the potential lifesaver in the future.


It simply means, “You heal the atmosphere and atmosphere heals you.” Simple things that we do have a great effect on the atmosphere. Burning generates energy. Man has known this for thousands of years. But it helps generate even more subtle energies. By putting certain materials such as medicinal herbs for example into specially prepared fumes accompanied by certain word combinations, it is possible to remove toxic conditions from the atmosphere, thereby healing and purifying it. That healing effect is then passed on to all life forms, which are sustained by that atmosphere. This is HOMA THERAPY. We believe in in this therapy and are working towards spreading the therapy.

Neo-vedic Education

It is the new form of Education System, which we wish to introduce in the country. It is prefect blend of education which is in existence right now and the Vedic Norms with the patterns and rituals which were followed by Gurukul in the ancient days. Education is one of the major factors in building the nation. Improving the education simply means improving the entire nation. And, we thrive to be the helping hands in the formation of a well developed and well learned nation.